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Suction pump Vacuson 60

Suction pump Vacuson 60

A dual-piston motor is used for the Vacuson 60 suction pump. In this way, the high suction performance of 60 litres per minute can be achieved.

A special, dual-piston motor for vacuum production, broadens the Vacuson 60 suction pump’s range of possible applications. It works quietly and reliably, so you remain focused on the patients.

The Vacuson 60 is unbeatable in the following areas:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Precise, continuously adjustable suction power
  • Solid, reliable and proven technology
  • Quiet and low vibration
  • Automatic overflow protection
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Widest field of application
  • Strongest vacuum
  • High through flow rate

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