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MicroAire PAL

MicroAire PAL

The MicroAire PAL is the worldwide bestselling liposuction device for manual liposuction. It has been proven that the fat cells are sucked out more gently with the MicroAire PAL than with conventional manual methods or with other devices.

Furthermore, the MicroAire PAL has become established as the ‘gold standard’ in liposuction, not only worldwide but also in Switzerland. Most university hospitals, canton hospitals and plastic surgeons work successfully with the MicroAire PAL. A liposuction device which is indispensable for fat removal.

International clinically studies show that, in comparison to conventional liposuction, the MicroAire PAL extracts +31% MORE volume per minute, respectively, this is connected with, believe it or not, a 35% time saving. Furthermore, there is up to 49% LESS fatigue for the surgeon.

However, the most important thing is the MicroAire PAL’s tissue-conserving technology, which according to international studies, has not been achieved until now.

A patient’s convalescence time (meaning the wound healing and healing process after the operation) is many times better with the MicroAire PAL, in comparison with traumatizing alternatives.

Using a modern touch screen at the station, one can effortlessly set the 4,000 cycles per minute (each 3.0 mm stroke movement along the cannula) between 0% and 100%.


  • Known worldwide as the ‘gold standard’ in liposuction. Ergonomic, light handpiece
  • Tube set is compatible with all suction pumps
  • Single-use and reusable high-quality stainless-steel cannulas, easy to change, large assortment
  • Two (2) plastic surgeons can extract fat simultaneously (2 connectors)