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Various Products

Various Products

Take advantage of our different liposuction accessories


Suture Strip plus is an elastic wound closure strip, which is offered in different sizes.

The SUTURE STRIP product range are the most efficient wound closure strips available today.  Surgeons prefer SUTURE STRIP because of the excellent wound safety, ease of use and cost efficiency and patients prefer SUTURE STRIP because they give maximum comfort. SUTURE STRIP allows fast wound healing, without the associated scarring or pigmentation changes. Maximum safety. Maximum degree of healing. Maximum comfort.

Infiltration tube

Sterile tube set for infiltration, 4 metres long

Microaire PAL suction tube

Sterile, conical liposuction tube for the Micro Aire PAL handle, 4 meters long


After liposuction, the tissue can be massaged with the liporoller, and remaining NACL and seroma, or blood mass, can be massaged in the direction of the incision.


Our Skinmarker marking pen for marking the operation and investigation areas, is sterile and can be washed off. The skin marking pens are equipped with a sloping tip with which both fine and wider lines can be made. The ink is neither toxic nor tattooing. The Skinmarker is available both sterile and non-sterile.