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Albin Nano Fat Transfer Set

Albin Nano Fat Transfer Set

The Albin Group AG has had its own NANO SET manufactured, which is unparalleled for fat collection and size reduction, through to the production of the finest regenerative cells from the lipoaspirate.

The Albin Group Fat concept is aimed at the regenerative cells from the lipoaspirate, rather than the volume function of the autologous fat.

The ADSCs (Adipose Derived Stem Cells) are very much smaller than adult adipocytes and can be injected through finer cannulas but for this, they must be separated from the larger cells. The preparation is entirely mechanical. First, the adult adipocytes in the aspirate are selectively emulsified in two stages. A passage through a special sieve (sizes large, medium, small) separates out cell debris and connective tissue fibres. After the passage, ADSCs go directly into the syringe for reinjection.

Clinically, the skin’s appearance after a nano-fat treatment is significantly more vibrant. Aging skin benefits from this particularly but dark, suborbital shadows can also be successfully treated in this way. Thus, a promising, easy to put into practice, technique is available.

This NANO SET contains everything you need from four suction cannula for fat collection, through to six infiltration cannulas (with atraumatic tips) for injecting the ADSCs (Adipose Derived Stem Cells). Do you need various clicker locks (Snap 01, 02, 03), Luer to Luer adapters (LTA-01) or an adapter for the Monoject Syringe 60 cc or a bladder syringe (LTA-02)? Or do you also need the special Luer to Luer adapter for the mechanical separation of cells (from 2.4 mm to 1.4 mm or to 1.2 mm)? Or, last but not least, do you need our special sieve for the separation of cell debris and connective tissue fibres?

We offer everything from one source, and that includes a Steri-cassette.

  • High quality set for the NANO production of the finest, regenerative cells
  • Everything from one source
  • Ready packed in a Steri-cassette
  • More economical than normal providers, which only offer the NANO SET at inflated prices.