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Finger switches

Finger switches


Finger switch for HF machines from the companies Aesculap, Berchtold, Erbe, Integra, Martin and Micromed.

The SUPER VAC® is an innovative, single-use finger switch which has many advantages in comparison to normal electrode handles and sets new standards. Through a slim and optimally ergonomic production technique, the SUPER VAC® handle sits perfectly in every surgeon’s hand, whether male or female. This incomparable finger switch can be effortlessly extended from 20mm to 85mm with a special push linkage.

The integrated smoke extraction and the fact that the telescopic slider can be extended by 65 mm within a fraction of a second, without the effort of having to change attachments like electrodes, additional hoses for smoke extraction etc., make the SUPER VAC® unique! Don’t be afraid to call us, because we would like to test the SUPER VAC® together with you in the operating theatre.

  • with integrated smoke extraction
  • Telescopic slider can be extended by 65 mm (from 20 mm to 85 mm)
  • Ergonomic and slim-line in use
  • Time efficient
  • Reasonably priced