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Scar Patches For Any Scars

Plastic surgery


Our Epi-Derm Mastopexy scar patch has been specially developed for breast reduction and reconstruction and can be cut to the right size.

The circular Areola scar patches (after an Areola reduction) are also available separately from us.

Unique Epi-Derm Clear Features:

Our medical scar plasters all have a USA FDA registration (FDA stands for the US Food and Drug Administration), as well as the European CE certificate.

Our Biodermis scar plasters are used worldwide in hospitals, burn centres and by plastic surgeons and dermatologists and consist of a purely medical silicone gel without any irritating additives.

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Epi-Derm Mastopexy

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Epi-Derm Clear and Epi-Derm Natural?

The difference is that Epi-Derm Clear is transparent and has release films on both sides. It is only adhesive on one side. Epi-Derm Natural is beige in colour and has a soft silk-like surface. Both versions are made of 100% medical silicone and are FDA and CE registered.

Unlike many other scar products, Epi-Derm is self-adhesive. For larger areas such as tummy tucks, it may be necessary to apply Epi-Tape or Epi-Net to certain parts of the body to additionally secure the scar plaster.

With any therapy using 100% medical grade silicone, the best results are achieved with uninterrupted, continuous use. Our scar plasters can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and can be washed (with a non-foaming, fragrance-free cleaning agent such as our Silqueclenz) and reused. Epi-Derm is suitable for use during the day and at night. With proper cleaning and average use, each Epi-Derm patch can last 2-3 weeks.

Unlike many over-the-counter scar reduction products, Epi-Derm, Pro-Sil and Xeragel are made from medical grade silicone. Due to the quality and high standards of all products in the Biodermis family, they are sold directly to hospitals, burn centres, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other specialists.

Epi-Derm is effective on all types of scars, including older scars. Clinical studies have shown that the younger the scar, the faster the results. For older scars, the products only need to be used over a longer period of time.

During the day, especially in exposed areas, the most discreet option is often preferred. For these situations, an on-the-go silicone product such as Pro-Sil or a gel such as Episof is recommended. For a 24-hour application, many patients prefer Epi-Derm scar silicone sheeting at night when they are at home or asleep, as a single sheet lasts all night, and then Pro-Sil during the day as mentioned earlier. Silqueclenz from Biodermis was developed to clean our scar plasters. It is an ideal cleaning formula for cleaning silicone films between applications. Finally, for very large areas, the scar plasters can be additionally fixed using our Epi-Net or Epi-Tape.

The ideal scar treatment will minimise the height, thickness and/or discolouration of the scar, making it flatter, smoother and more uniform with the surrounding skin. This makes it far less noticeable than before treatment with our scar plasters. Complete scar removal is not possible with any product.

Skin irritation caused by our medical silicone is rare. However, as with all products that are applied directly to the skin, this is still possible. If skin redness or irritation occurs, speak to your doctor to clarify the cause, and remove the scar patch as a precaution.

Yes, each product has received FDA approval and the European CE mark and is made of safe, non-toxic, non-medicated, semi-occlusive silicone gel.

Yes, Epi-Derm scar silicone sheeting can be cut into smaller pieces using clean scissors or a knife. The piece of gel sheet should completely cover the scar and extend 1/4 inch around the entire edge of the scar.

Biodermis is the originator of silicone sheeting in the medical industry and probably the first company in the world to introduce a variety of scar plaster products over 35 years ago while maintaining the highest standards of quality and regulation. For this reason, Biodermis scar patches are recognised worldwide by medical professionals such as plastic surgeons and/or dermatologists, as well as hospitals and burn clinics.

Keloids are the result of an overgrowth of dense fibrous tissue that usually forms after a skin injury has healed. When a scar forms, connective tissue or fibres are formed at the site to keep the wound closed. Keloids form when the cells continue to multiply after the wound has filled up. Symptoms may include pigmentation of the skin, discomfort, itching or pain.
Treatment options for scars include silicone sheeting for keloids and pressure treatment. Keloids can often be prevented by wearing a pressure bandage such as Epi-Net in conjunction with silicone scar strips over the injury site 24 hours a day. This treatment is most effective after the wound or injury has healed, usually within a month.

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