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Find out about our latest Perle & Luna breast implants, which come with a lifetime guarantee for your patient!


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The new round PERLE™ breast implant is based on over 45 years of experience in European production and our worldwide reputation for long-term safety.

PERLE™ is a novel, round breast implant with an ®evolutionary BioQ™ surface technology and a highly cohesive tissue dynamic Emunomic™ ™ breast gel.

PERLE™ is The Art of Science™ – the evolution of smooth and opaque surfaces with a unique lifetime guarantee on the patient, in case of ruptures and capsular fibrosis!

Unique warranty service, for a lifetime!


Designed for safety:

In addition to the unique lifetime guarantee, our PERLE is known for the above features

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Discover the Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel

The unique, exclusive 6th generation GCA® formula is highly cohesive and virtually unbreakable²; giving projection, fullness and firmness to mimic breast tissue.

Together with HydroCone™ are the perfect combination

The studies speak for themselves and against capsular fibrosis!

Give us a call and we will test our HydroCone in your operating room!

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All GCA® breast implants
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