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Find out about our latest Perle & Luna breast implants, which come with a lifetime guarantee for your patient!


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Luna XT™

LUNA XT™ is the first “micro-textured anatomical implant” in the world to be registered under the latest Medical Device Regulation (MDR) – even in France, a very strictly regulated country when it comes to market authorizations (!)

LUNA XT™ offers a unique lifetime guarantee for the lifetime of your patient!

Key features

LUNA XT ™ the first microtextured anatomical breast implant on the market, registered under the current MDR (Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which offers a lifetime warranty for the woman, for both implants…, “anysize change – a lifetime warranty”


Designed for safety:

LUNA XT™ offers a unique lifetime guarantee, for the lifetime of your patient!

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102 different anatomical implants
- the customized solution

With LUNA XT™, the latest and first microtextured anatomical
Breast implant on the market that has been certified according to the MDR guidelines
and offers a unique lifetime guarantee for the woman, you now have the
Possibility to place the desired volume where it is needed.

The characteristics of the 102 different anatomical LUNA XT™
breast implants is a flatter upper breast pole and a fuller lower breast curve. An appearance that is usually associated with a youthful and natural look.
looking female breast.

LUNA XT™ supports not only an esthetically motivated fuller and firmer
appearance, the possibility of tightening the breast, restoring the
volume lost after breastfeeding or to compensate for asymmetries.

Discover the Stablex™ tissue dynamic Cohesive gel from Luna XT™

Luna XT™ is 100% filled with a 6th generation tissue-dynamic cohesive gel to prevent rippling (wrinkling) and the visibility of the implant edge in the upper breast pole area.

The Luna XT™ dynamic tissue gel maintains the anatomical shape but supports movement when walking and lying down, giving the breast a natural appearance.

- the perfect combination with PERLE™ & LUNA™

The studies speak for themselves and against capsular fibrosis!

Give us a call and we will test our HydroCone in your operating room!

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GCA Comfort Plus™ warranty

All GCA® breast implants
are covered by the
Comfort Plus™ warranty.

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