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MicroAire is committed to supporting surgeons by developing and manufacturing high quality surgical solutions. To demonstrate this commitment, MicroAire has enhanced its industry-leading PAL® to meet the increased demands of today’s liposuction cases. The improved PAL-750 features an optimized fluid seal, more even force distribution and a redesigned drivetrain – together these updates significantly reduce component wear and corrosion inside the handpiece.

PAL infiltration system

Is integrated into the PAL system to activate the peristaltic pump from the PAL-750 handpiece. Special electronic controls ensure a constant flow at low speeds and a cooling fan prevents the motor from overheating under heavy loads. The PAL infiltration hose with its large holes and smooth connections prevents blockages.

PAL infiltration system

The LipoFilter® uses a gravity decantation system to separate liquids from fatty tissue. Live fat cells behave like floating balloons that rise naturally and quickly, while the damaged, emulsified cells behave like leaky balloons that remain trapped in the solution for longer and rise slowly or not at all.

These damaged cells are of no use for fat transfer and are easily filtered as waste by the LipoFilter, which separates most of the liquid from the fat mass when operating properly. The dual-chamber design of the LipoFilter enables the separation and removal of fluids while isolating the tissue in a closed, sterile environment.

Surgeons know that effective fat separation requires sufficient capacity to wash and decant the removed fat. With a total volume of 3000 ml (three liters) and a maximum usable capacity of 2500 ml, the large-volume LipoFilter therefore achieves results that cannot even be approached with smaller extraction filters.

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