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PAL system


LipoFilter is a sterile-packaged gravitydecant fat processing system that meets all your large-volume harvesting needs.

Designed for in-line compatibility with PAL® by MicroAire as well as any traditional suction-assisted liposuction systems (SAL), the LipoFilter offers an innovative approach to filtering adipose tissue using a trouble-free, disposable canister employing a gravity-decant fat processing system.

With a usage capacity of 2500mL, the LipoFilter can meet all of your large volume harvesting needs at an affordable price.

A removable cap on the top of the canister for easy filling with NACL, and a unique vent tube provides complete evacuation of fluids after separation is achieved. 

The vent system also protects fat cells from unnecessary G-forces that, occur with other methods.

Designed for safety: