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Liquid Chloropheal

Liquid Chloropheal


It helps oxygenate, regenerate and improve the quality of blood, acting as a great body detox. Your easy DETOX.

High concentration. 100% natural and vegan. Without additives.

Due to its high quality and purity, it is a great body detox.

  • Helps oxygenate, regenerate and improve the quality of blood.
  • Favors the performance of the different organs of the body.
  • Helps balance blood glucose levels.
  • Contributes to the elimination of heavy metals and toxins.
  • Helps prevent bad breath and flatulence.

How does Liquid ChlorpHeal work?

Everyone knows that green foods are good for the body. In addition to its nutritional value, vitamins and minerals which are inherent in organic green food, one of the main keys to its quality is that they are green, meaning they are rich in chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in almost all plants, algae and cyanobacteria. Chlorophyll is responsible for photosynthesis, the conversion of usable sunlight energy into chemical energy generating oxygen. Dr. Birscher, physicist, defined the chlorophyll as “concentrated sun power”.

The capacity of chlorophyll to oxygenate the blood and tissues helps improve heart function, vascular system, intestines, reproductive organs and lungs.

Chlorophyll is a great alkalizer and a natural antioxidant, which boosts the immune system and helps protect the body against free radicals. Thanks to the “oxygenation” effect of chlorophyll, this food supplement promotes a natural “anti aging” effect.

The chlorophyll molecule and molecule “hemo”, the core of the blood haemoglobin, are essentially identical in their structure. The difference is that the core of the haemoglobin molecule is iron and the core of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium. This almost identical structure is what gives the chlorophyll the ability to mimic blood, turning green food into natural antioxidants and hematinics.

Chlorophyll also acts:

  • Reducing cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Supports the heart, strengthens the heart muscle, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure.
  • Rich in carotenoids, the body activates the necessary enzymes for proper nutrient assimilation.
  • Deodorize feces and urine, helps beneficial bacteria in the colon, thanks to its enzymes, lipase, amylase and protease it stimulates the intestines, liver and kidneys.
  • Helps heal ulcers.
  • Strengthens the immune system.