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Greenzyme cold press juicer

Greenzyme cold press juicer


Get the Cold Press Extractor GREENZYME with the latest technology on the market and you’ll take away the book “Alkalinizantes Juices and other capricious drinks” from the renowned nutritional coach Nadia Torres and a roll of strips to measure the pH of your body.

While the conventional blenders cut the fruit by blades with a quick rotating movement that produces heat and therefore a destruction of the nutrients of the ingredients, the GREENZYME works at a lower speed and temperature, producing juices that do not oxidize as quickly and Retain their properties for longer. In addition, compared to conventional blenders, GREENZYME can increase juice production by up to 65%.

We can list the benefits of using GREENZYME regularly to make alkalizing juices:

  • Helping to alkalize: cold pressed green juices help balance the pH and maintain the natural alkaline design of your body. You can discover unique alkalizing recipes in the gift book written by Coach & Chef Alcalina Nadia Torres
  • Easy Detox: The easiest and tastiest way to help eliminate toxins.
  • Power your energy: it produces rapid digestion and assimilation of nutrients providing energy instantly, because it does not contain fiber.
  • Highlight your beauty: the cold press system provides a greater amount of enzymes and nutrients, allowing your natural beauty to emerge.
  • Balances your weight: toxins are stored in fat deposits. By cleansing the body, we help decrease the accumulated fat.
  • Health and well-being: It strengthens the immune system and promotes physical and mental well-being.

The main features of the GREENZYME are:

  • Technologically improved 3rd generation cold press extractor
  • Made in TRITAN, a type of plastic very resistant and free of BPA (bisphenol A).
  • Slowest rotation system: slower than other market speed at 43 rpm, which makes it more efficient! The slow rotation system allows to preserve the main characteristics of the food and guarantees the best flavor for your juices and recipes.
  • High extraction speed: high extraction speed ensures a quick filling of the jar and prevents the oxidation of food, thus conserving most of the vitamins.
  • Optimized to avoid jams in food crushing.
  • Digital command panel: more comfortable and accessible.
  • Higher storage capacity of juice in the container.
  • Drum with capacity meter to calculate well quantities to be drawn
  • Silent: Thanks to its slow rotation system, GREENZYME will not have to worry about annoying noises while producing its tasty recipes.
  • Maximum continuous use time: 20-30 min.
  • Modern design of clean and clean lines.
  • Apart from the two filters, one of fine mesh to prepare juices and another of thick mesh for shakes, incorporates an extra strainer to obtain juices without rest of fiber.