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TCA Peeling

TCA Peeling

Easy TCA Peel

Easy TCA peel is a combination of various fruit acids with a 15% TCA solution. This combination leads to increased penetration of the TCA molecules through the skin. The TCA molecules are captured and neutralised by the proteins present in the papillary dermis. The result is an increased circulation and an increased synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres.

The TCA peeling is a modern method to refresh, smooth and rejuvenate the skin and make it radiant again.

Easy TCA peel leads to a rejection of the old, dead skin cells and to a stimulation of cell renewal in the epidermis. Collagen fibres, elastin and basic substances are increasingly formed in the dermis. This leads to a higher moisture saturation in the skin, it appears, smoother, fresher, younger and rosier.

With the TCA-Peeling, superficial cars and fine wrinkles can be smoothed, skin pigmentation lightened, and cell damage caused by sun reduced.

The TCA-Peeling is an easy and effective method to let the skin radiate new freshness.

To achieve the best results, the peeling is used in multiple layers.

Optimal results are obtained, by a repetition 2 – 3 months after the first round, possibly with an increased dosage, to treat deeper lying wrinkles in stubborn areas, for example, the forehead and the upper lip. However, the total elimination of wrinkles, pigmentation or scars, especially those that are deeper, cannot be expected from a TCA peeling.


Unideep is a saponified and stabilised 23% m/m TCA peeling with a medium depth effect which penetrates to the stratum papillare. This peeling is particularly suitable for patients who want a quick peeling with relatively few side effects. The peeling consists of the peeling solution and the post-peel mask, which has an antioxidant and stimulating effect. The Unideep peel (23% m/m) lets the proteins in the epidermis and stratum papillare coagulate (see the white/pink frosting effect). The healing process begins in the intact keratinocytes of the deep-lying papilla and forms a new epidermis by stimulating fibroblast production in the dermis. The post-peeling mask has an antioxidant effect and encourages the healing.

Easy TCA Pain Control

The world-wide first approved hybrid medium-TCA peel with phenol.

It offers maximum comfort for the patients as the phenol acts as an anaesthetic.

The patient no longer feels a burning pain but the effect is 20% stronger than with a normal Easy TCA.

The use is comparable to using Easy TCA, since the Easy TCA Pain Control is very well tolerated by the skin and no pre-peel preparation is needed.

With the Easy TCA Pain Control, there is no impact on daily life. So, you can follow your daily routine as usual. Easy TCA Pain Control is applied in up to four weekly sessions.

The areas of use include the following themes: skin neoplasm, dyschromia, acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma, chloasma, keratosis, fine wrinkles, special treatments for décolleté, hands, forearms. In combination with TCA deep or phenol local. Skin rejuvenation. Smoker skin.

Only Touch Peel is a concentrated, saponated, stabilised and adjuvant solution, which, after the addition of TCA, allows a localized treatment of hyperpigmentation or keratosis. Treatment of less than 1cm diameter allow a total regeneration of the skin. The Only Touch peeling is suitable for special, local treatment of age spots on the face, décolleté and the backs of hands. Not to be used on areas larger than one centimetre or on injuries of uncertain origin After activation, OnlyTouch becomes a concentrated, saponified and stabilised solution, to which many acids are added: e.g. 45 % m/m TCA, citric acid and salicylic acid.