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CheylaPEN Advanced

CheylaPEN Advanced

The Cheyla PEN therapy stimulates collagen synthesis and achieves a significantly better complexion. The skin’s circulation is improved, thanks to the Cheyla PEN treatment, which leads to an increased provision of nutrients and a smoother complexion.

The result is a young, fresh skin with fine pores.

Cheyla PEN therapy can be used on all skin types and is very well tolerated. It can be combined with additional treatments and therapies and produces the best treatment results in a short time.

Skintech RRS preparations and hyaluronic acid can be simultaneously applied and worked in during micro needling treatment. This improves and accelerates the effect noticeably.

The Cheyla PEN process is particularly suitable for:

  • signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles
  • stripes, unevenness and stretch marks after weight fluctuations
  • stimulation of collagen synthesis
  • pore reduction
  • in addition, scars (acne scars, operation scars, burns, injuries) can be significantly improved by a Dermapen treatment.

We strongly recommend treating the skin with Skin Retrieval cream several times a day for the next few days after micro needling.

The Albin Group AG also collaborates with the world-wide leading manufacturers of mesotherapy and anti-aging products.

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