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During years of unceasing efforts to offer our doctors and patients innovative and stable solutions, AGNES from South Korea has become one of the most dynamic and innovative developers of RF energy

RF stands for radio frequency and means electromagnetic waves in the high frequency band with more than 1,000 oscillations per second.

AGNES is an aesthetic and medical treatment system which was specially developed for plastic surgeons and dermatologists, to precisely apply exactly dosed radio frequency energy under the skin surface or in the fat layer.

Specially developed and insulated microneedles are used for the various treatments, which give the maximum effect with minimal side effects and short down time. The results are unparalleled, and the treatment duration is very short.

With AGNES, it is possible to treat areas and patients who previously could only be treated operatively (if at all).

The radio frequency waves shrink the components of the dermis and especially, the fat cells. The shrunken collagen and elastin stimulate skin renewal. The metabolism is activated and the lipolysis (fat breakdown) is accelerated locally in the areas treated. The fat cells’ volume reduces and, with it, the fat layer.

The skin tightening effect is due to the so-called “collagen shrinking”. Due to the heat exposure, the collagen fibres contract, whereby the complexion is firmer and small lines are smoothed.

Thus, radio frequency treatments stimulate the skin to renew itself from the inside. This process is not completed directly after the treatment but needs a few days.

The effect is visible in half of the patients after 2 to 4 weeks and is clearly, and very clearly visible in all patients after about 12 weeks. The needle electrodes, specially developed for AGNES, offer the lowest possible pain level and fast healing of the injection sites.