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Calf implants (Calf)

Calf implants (Calf)

Die Wadenmuskulatur kann in Proportion zur Gesamtstatur zu schmal erscheinen, denn wohlgeformte und straffe Waden sind für viele Menschen ein Zeichen eines aktiven und gesunden Lebens.

The calf musculature can appear too thin in proportion to the overall physique. For many people, well-shaped and firm calves are a sign of an active and healthy life.

Both men and women are affected by this because, despite sport, the muscles responsible for the calves are often hard to exercise. A calf implant is a simple way of enlarging too-thin calves, which can be inserted by a plastic surgeon in a simple operation.

The company, Albin Group AG, together with the two manufacturers, NAGOR and Eurosilicone, offer up to 16 different sizes.