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Breast implants (Breast)

Breast implants (Breast)

Breast augmentation is, as before, still in first place in the list of feminine plastic surgery operations. Every year 15,000 to 20,000 women in Germany alone have implants inserted, either to increase the existing breast volume or for reconstruction following breast cancer.

Today, NAGOR implants from Cumbernauld, Scotland, have the longest experience in the area of manufacturing high-quality breast implants, having been doing so since 1979 (for 39 years).

The same applies to the EUROSILICONE company from France, who together with NAGOR, are considered the leading European manufacturers of breast implants.

Both companies are owned by the internationally-managed GC Aesthetics and together produce more than 300,000 implants in more than 1,100 variants annually, which are exported to more than 85 countries.


NAGOR and Eurosilicone are the only implant manufacturers to offer a lifetime guarantee against rupture and grade III and IV capsule contracture, as defined by the Baker scale.

The contralateral side is also covered, at no cost (!), which is also financially, a very lucrative advantage for the patient and the doctor.

The lifetime guarantee from both manufacturers, NAGOR and Eurosilicone, also includes “any size change”.

This means that it is possible to change between models, for example, from anatomic to round (or vice versa) and that entirely independent of volume!

Thus, the surgeon has the important advantage of being able to choose from a multitude of round and/or anatomic, smooth or textured NAGOR and Eurosilicone implants at no cost!

“…and this all through the Albin Group AG, without an inconvenient supplementary insurance.”