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"Amalian SF" (Soft Filler) - the new generation!

Amalian Soft Filler is the new generation of monophasic and low cross-linked dermal fillers based on ultrapure hyaluronic acid.

The AmalianSoft Gel product line SF is characterised by a soft, fully hydrated texture, which can be easily injected with little resistance.

The gel spreads quickly and evenly through the injected area, leading to an immediate, visible volume effect.

Through a special manufacturing process, the particles resulting from the cross-linking of the linear hyaluronic acid chains are fully hydrated. Thus, every single hyaluronic acid particle is surrounded by a stable water coating. Therefore, these soft particles do not take up any more water from the tissue after they have been injected. The advantage is that there is practically no swelling. The desired augmenting effect occurs immediately, through the gel’s space-occupying properties.

Amalian Soft Filler makes a fast and uncomplicated wrinkle treatment possible. Four different concentrations offer a range of possibilities, from a slight augmentation of fine wrinkles to a large increase in volume in the cheek area.

The Amalian products are characterised by special properties, such as:

  • Big building up effect
  • High stability in the skin
  • Easy to inject despite high structural viscosity
  • Extension of the visco-augmentative effect
  • Significantly longer shelf life
  • less filling material needed
  • excellent flow qualities

Furthermore, the Amalian hyaluronic acid system has all the benefits of a classic hyaluronic acid treatment:

  • completely biodegradable
  • free from animal ingredients
  • no unwanted long-term effects
  • excellent biocompatibility (clinically confirmed)
  • no allergy risk
  • no allergy test needed