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Marena Recovery

Marena Recovery was developed with medical professionals and is the market leader in the world of compression garments.

Most plastic surgeons use Marena because of its quality benefits, such as wearing comfort (patented fabric engineering), and fabric structure.

The Marena products’ high-quality and patented four-dimensional fabric structure, have decisive advantages, such as power and stretch for optimal medical compression, with an up to 220% stretching of all fabric fibres, longitudinally, laterally and diagonally.

A standard of quality only offered by Marena!

The durability of Marena products is unparalleled, stress tests show a constant compression even after being stretched 60,000 times and being washed 30 times, without material wear. A standard of quality only offered by Marena.

Marena compression garments feel like a second skin as the fabric, made of 49% Lycrasoft® Elastence/Spandex and 51% Nylon is the softest and best material available on the market.

The breathable Coolmax® comfort system produces a cooling effect on the skin and transports moisture away to the outside. Furthermore, it is treated with sun protection factor 50+.

The Marena fabrics are also given an antimicrobial treatment with Silvadur. This is a special skin-compatible material, which was developed in Switzerland and helps to keep the fabric fibres free from bacteria and bacterial odour. This noticeable reduces the risk of a wound infection following an operation.

The ComfortWear® products contain no formaldehyde, silicone of latex.

Marena Shape

Marena Shape is a highly functional shape wear collection which gives you a stunning figure in a moment. Marena Shape not only supports and shapes your figure optimally, it also offers the highest wearing comfort.

Marena Sport

Functions clothing is the perfect complement for many types of sport as the joints and muscels are protected and supported by the compression.

With the ComfortWear® products, Marena is the world-wide market leader in the area of compression underwear and has used all of its experience in the Marena Sport line.